Sunday, December 19, 2010

Guess whos back!!????

Omg guys, who missed me? Ive just completely and utterly abandoned this blog for a few reasons. i was bored with it, I was busy, i was on other things such as face book, twitter, and tumblr. But for the upcoming new years this will be my second home, cause a lot of you guys have been asking me where i went and why i no longer post I'm so so soo sorry, but I'm back now!!
Okay so its been like freaking MONTHS so im not going to just sit here and type EVERYTHING that's new. basically its the following:
-i got a job!! <3>
-I'm SINGLE if you know Brian (Daisuke) yeah, me and him are no longer together, its been like that for a while. thankfully we are still Friends though. just so much shit has happened. So yes I'm single and happily at that ^___^
-I'm in my Junior year of Highschool and im taking a lot of early college classes, so when i do get to college i wont have to take these classes. so its hard trying to keep up with everything and as you guys know I'm a terrible procrastinator, but I'm making it work
so yeah that's basically it, this week I'll be making a video going into detail about these things, but i just wanted to catch you guys up on my life and such. and please stay tuned, I'll have a new banner and many many post coming in the upcoming weeks.
i missed you guys soo much! <3>
xoxox - Satou Arisu Doll. <3


。★゚♡*CrystallyzeD*♡゚★。 said...

Nice to hear from you again!

나니 said...

You go girl! I'm glad you're doing well! And try to focus all your energy on school - you'll be thankful to yourself for it : D Trust me! I slacked off so bad in high school, and now I really wish that I hadn't.

Congrats on the job! : D I wish I had one too : (