Saturday, December 25, 2010


A video of me and bffl Mei dancing months back. It turned out to be really funny at the end. lmao

Check Out her blog Here:


Tessa said...


have to say that you're pretty amazing :) That's why I'm your new follower!

maybe you can visit me as well, and very maybe become a follower?


Anonymous said...

u girls look great :P
nice parapara ^^

Anonymous said...

cool blog.
like your para prara dance :D

Nana said...

Hey you have a really cute blog ^_^
I think Ima subscribe I really like your topics and posts
maybe you'd like to check out my blog too would be sweet~
ps: you are really pretty :D


ウィンターちゃん Wynter said...

OMC (Oh my cute♥!)

That video is so LOL girl....I just found your blog; I followed. Care to give a little love to mine? :3

~*Now if it's not your kawaii cup of tea, that is okay but I think you will LUUUUUVE it~!*

C.Y. said...

ahahah so funny!!! i follow you!

momo. said...

funny :D

just Jennifer :3 said...

aww nice video xD
and like your blog ;D
new follower ^^


rach. said...

GREAT BLOG! absolutely LOVE it! you are so inspirational! and in the mood for some eyecandy? have i got a treat for you! check out my most recent post.

follow me?

Jodie said...

Awh! So cuteeee. x) I can't dance x_x

cominica said...

so cuuteeeeeee <3 <3
i'm ur new follower :D ah please check out my mini giveaway if you're interested :D

tadukhipa said...

hey there~ definitely following you. please check my sale blog too
thank you ^3^

The city of Blinding lights said...

Your blog is amazing !!!! Very original !
Come to visit and follow mine...
I'll follow you back naturally !

xo xo

Anonymous said...

wow, cute and funny~~ really nice parapara, i wanna make a dance video too LOL

nice blog :3

Kati カティ said...

you are so Cuuute! and fun video <3

Thi Lan said...

such a cute video *_* your blog is very lovely and interesting. maybe follow? im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!


kiana joon said...

love your blog