Saturday, December 25, 2010

Santa Baby

Merry Christmas Everybody!!

I really hope that everyone is having a wonderful holiday.
I'm so happy for the holidays, one because I'm off from school of course, and two its my little sister's first Christmas so I'm really excited for all the family time I'm having. Christmas is my favorite holiday.
So Santa did a god job with my shopping list and gave me these gifts:

ITouch 4th Generaton <3>

My dad got me this speech recognition software so i can literally just type and the words appear on the screen for me. This is going to come in handy with all my college papers coming up! <3

Really Cute panties!

Socks =]

Some really nice Nail colors, I'm going to be using my foot spa and treating myself to a pedicure veryy soon ^__^

FINALLY a black tote bag to carry all my junk to school in. i Love it!

* I'll have to update when I get the rest of my gifts from my friends and such ^__^

xoxo -S.A.D

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